Here at Peter A. Housden & Sons we know that carrying out regular maintenance on an outdoor tennis court is vital in order to not only to prolong their life and maintain optimum playing conditions, but also to keep them looking great, remain safe and inspire confidence.


As with all painted surfaces, after a number of years a tennis court will become worn and faded, leading to not only a loss of looks, but also to reduced levels of grip and surface protection.

It is therefore important to remember that this painted coating forms a vital part of the overall playing surface and if inferior materials are used or applied incorrectly the whole performance and durability of the court can suffer.

That is why we at Peter A. Housden & Sons not only use high quality materials and proven application practices, take the time to not only get to know you and your requirements, but also fully assess your courts condition using our extensive experience, so that we may identify and discuss any additional issues that may lead to costlier remedial work at a later date.

Don’t delay or be tempted down the wrong path, contact us today to arrange for your free site visit, no obligation quote and to find out how we can bring the colour and life back to your court while improving its performance and lifespan.

The correct and professionally undertaken application of a colour spray coating as part of regular court maintenance can help limit the amount of costlier remedial work that maybe required at a later date.


Our highly experienced team of professionals will always provide a personalised quote and service to suit both your personal and courts requirements.

Fully understanding the different types of colour spray coatings that are available and can be used for this process can be both vital and dependent on the specification of your tennis court surface.


Here at Peter A. Housden we use ‘Sports-Cote Premium’, a quality, approved water based product, expertly applied using professional equipment to achieve an exceptional standard of finish and workmanship across all of our colour spaying projects.

‘Sports-Cote Premium’ is a high quality water-based coating specially designed for the spray application to porous macadam tennis court surfaces. Formulated using water-based polyurethane and acrylic resign technology which provides an environmentally safe coating that not only defines the playing area, enhances the appearance of the court but also imparts durability and slip resistance to comply with SAPCA’s code of practice for the painting of porous macadam tennis courts.


Sports-Cote Premium

• Water Based Polyurethane/Acrylic Blend

• Antislip (meets current standards)

• Bright Intense Colours

• Improved Drying Characteristics

• Modified to Reduce Spray Drift

• Highly Durable

• Fungi and Algae Resistant

As well as the application of two high quality, two colour surface coatings our standard colour spraying package also includes a set of brilliant white playing lines for doubles tennis, ensuring that your revitalised court not only looks great, but is ready for that all important first game.

Tennis Court Colour Spraying | Peter A Housden | Hampshire, Sussex & Surrey
Tennis Court Colour Spraying | Peter A Housden | Hampshire, Sussex & Surrey
Tennis Court Colour Spraying | Peter A Housden | Hampshire, Sussex & Surrey
Tennis Court Colour Spraying | Peter A Housden | Hampshire, Sussex & Surrey