As tennis court maintenance specialists, we know that over time a court surface can become plagued with moss, algae and lichen. We also know that these natural developments not only make a court look unloved and untidy, but can also have a major impact on the performance, drainage and most importantly safety of the court.

While pressure washing and cleaning is one of the more regular and common types of court maintenance, here at Peter A Housden & Sons we treat it with the same level of commitment, professionalism and customer service as with any other part of our business.

Our expert and friendly team use high-end, specialist pressure washing equipment to effectively remove the unwanted moss, algae and lichen from the court surfaces, while using all their experience to ensure that only correct pressures and correct chemical treatments are used.

By having your court correctly maintained, it will not only make it play more consistent, it will also improve its appearance, its safety and has the potential to extend its life span by up to 10 years.

Don’t delay, contact us today to arrange for your free site visit, no obligation quote and to find out how we can help you to get the most from your court for years to come.

Moss and algae on the surface of your tennis court can significant impact the way in which the surface is able to drain. If the surface becomes overgrown and clogged then the drainage qualities of the surface can be significantly reduced. This in turn can then cause patches of the surface to perform inconsistently and an increase in water logging and surface water which can also pose safety risks.

Moss can build-up on a tennis court surface over a relatively short period and adversely affect the playing characteristics of your court. This is particularly common during the ‘close season’ months where a court remains exposed to the elements but sees little use. By undertaking a controlled pressure washing and cleaning programme your court can be brought back to life in both looks and consistency of play.

Correct pressure cleaning of a tennis court can also help restore and improve its original playing characteristics. Over time moss, grit and debris can build up and alter the playing characteristics of the surface leading to issues including a reduction in the speed of play together with anomalies in ball behaviour. By removing any foreign matter from the court’s surface by correct pressure cleaning, any anomalies can be reduced and speed of play restored.

As well as helping to ensure the consistency of your court’s playing surface, one of the most obvious effects of pressure washing and cleaning is to the undeniable improvement in the aesthetic appearance of your beloved court. It’s only natural if you have a tennis court at home you will want to ensure that it continues to look good year after year, or if you run a tennis club you want your courts to remain attractive to encourage new members and business. Quality, professional pressure washing and cleaning not only delivers an improved playing surface, it also goes a long way to keeping your investment looking great. 

Pressure Washing & Tennis Court Cleaning | Peter A Housden | Hampshire, Sussex & Surrey
Pressure Washing & Tennis Court Cleaning | Peter A Housden | Hampshire, Sussex & Surrey
Pressure Washing & Tennis Court Cleaning | Peter A Housden | Hampshire, Sussex & Surrey
Pressure Washing & Tennis Court Cleaning | Peter A Housden | Hampshire, Sussex & Surrey